Travel Foundation launches new training quiz to promote responsible tourism

A new online quiz by the Travel Foundation explores the challenges and opportunities surrounding responsible tourism. Paradise (Almost) Lost, takes you on a journey to a virtual tropical island with the challenge to save “Paradise” by responding to a range of issues such as: temples crumbling from too many visitors, a lack of local produce on the menus, and what to do with all that waste! Appealing to everyone from travel agents to destination authorities, the 20-minute quiz is a great coffee break challenge – and those who previewed the quiz agree:

8.3 million TUI customers stayed in sustainable hotels certified to a GSTC-Recognized standard (80% of the hotels owned by TUI Group)

TUI Group’s ambition is to increase the number of hotels with sustainability certifications to accommodate 10 million customers a year by 2020.

TUI Group encourages their hotels to become certified to GSTC-Recognized Standards, with a mandatory clause in contracts with their accommodation suppliers requiring them to work towards certification to GSTC-Recognized Standards.