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Switzerland Joins GSTC

Switzerland Tourism Joins GSTC and Announces the Swisstainable Strategy. Switzerland Tourism (ST) is the national tourism board for Switzerland. ST positions Switzerland as a destination standing for quality, naturalness, authenticity, sustainability and modernity, under the overall concept of “Swissness”. To do so, ST develops systematic marketing programs that it implements creatively with its partners […]

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Welcome to our newest Business Member, Campervan Finder! Campervan Finder is a leading travel agency that specialises in campervan, motorhome and 4WD rentals for their customers throughout Australia

Campervan Finder have over 250+ vehicles available for rental in all major locations such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Cairns, Darwin Townsville, Darwin, and Alice Springs. They also provide rentals in smaller towns such as Newcastle, Launceston, Broome, Gold Coast, Airlie Beach, and Canberra.

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Being able to share their passion for the outdoors while providing their customers with unforgettable travel experiences is why we they in business.

Campervan Finder’s agents provide a one on one service to their customers, 7 days a week, and have some of the best rates in the industry to pass on to their customers. 

Visit Campervan Finder’s Website or Facebook for more information. 

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Ecotourism Australia is excited to welcome Sydney Harbour EcoWalks Tours to the community! We congratulate them on achieving the Ecotourism Certification, meaning their business will focus on tourism which leaves a minimal impact and teaches people about the environment, all whilst contributing to conservation and helping local communities.  


Created and run by Alan Toner, a human guidebook and lover of the wilderness, EcoWalks Tours deliver scenic and educational guided tours through the fascinating bush trails of the Sydney Harbour National Park.  Amid these bush trails you will have the opportunity to connect with a multitude of different elements offered in the park.  From historical gems to intriguing flora and fauna, and of course the many iconic Sydney sights, these tours offer something for everyone.

For our nature lovers the Georges Head Walk offers a glimpse into the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the area including water dragons, rainbow lorikeets, Sydney red gum trees and, if you are lucky, the elusive king parrots!


The Middle Head Battery Walk is perfect for history aficionados as you wander to the Middle Head Fort learning about the significant historical and cultural heritage of the Sydney Harbour National Park.


For a truly magical dusk experience, the Twilight Discover Walk includes the perfect combination of birdwatching, dreamy sunsets with views of the iconic Sydney Harbour sites and spotlighting for mysterious nocturnal animals.

Our younger curious adventurers will be thrilled by the EcoWalker Bush Explorer Tour where they will have the opportunity to learn and search for kooky invertebrates like bugs, spiders and beetles!  EcoWalks Tours also run exciting educational excursions for primary and secondary schools.


As an Ecotourism certified operator, EcoWalks Tours are very respectful of the social, cultural, traditional, and natural values, heritage, and diversity within the Sydney Harbour National Park, all of which is evidenced in their wonderful tours.

They pride themselves on achieving sustainability through minimal impact practices, using the “Leave No Trace Principal” to ensure the natural beauty of the area is preserved.  This consists of different elements such as leaving what you find – take photos if you want to remember the magical flora and fauna!  Also, respecting wildlife by limiting noise and making sure you use footpaths, disposing of waste properly and being considerate of other visitors. 


EcoWalks Tours also work to improve and promote the ecological biodiversity of their local area by facilitating the planting of native species.  By doing this they are not only improving the natural ecosystems in the park but also the environmental outcomes of the future by improving the area’s air quality.

EcoWalks Tours has also established a valuable collaboration with the Gaimaragal Group, a group which delivers educational activities on First Australian history and challenges.  Through this collaboration, EcoWalks Tours offer educational workshops that enhance positive cultural appreciation and the empowerment for young people to lead positive changes in the community.  Celebrating First Australians and their knowledge is vital to Australia’s future and we are thrilled to hear of this exciting relationship (Letter of Endorsement for Alan Toner Sydney Habour EcoWalks Tours,  Gaimaragal Group).


Congratulations again to EcoWalks Tours Sydney Harbour for joining the EA family!  To learn more, visit their Facebook page or website

Photo credits: EcoWalks Tours website and Alan Toner. 



Alianzas para Encuentros Humanos: Capacitación en Turismo Sostenible del GSTC

El Programa de Entrenamiento en Turismo Sostenible GSTC está trabajando con redes de viajes sostenibles y responsables líderes para los programas de entrenamiento en habla Hispana, con la meta de fomentar las oportunidades de compartir conocimiento y redes para más profesionales del turismo de todo el mundo Hispanoparlante. Tenemos el placer de colaborar […]

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The 2021 Green Destinations Story Awards took place last Friday, 12 March. The globally recognised award ceremony showcased the most inspirational stories of resilient tourism practices from the 2020 Top 100 Competition – sponsored by ITB and GLP Films.

Applicant ECO Destinations Lord Howe Island, Townsville and Niue Island (South Pacific) were selected as nominees for the Green Destinations Story Awards category ‘Islands and Seaside’. Niue was selected as one of the three finalists within the category and was announced the winner in Friday evening. Ecotourism Australia congratulate Niue on this international achievement.

Niue’s story centred around their journey to becoming a ‘Dark Sky Nation’, ensuring a sustainable future for their skies through both projection of the important aerial wildlife species, preservation of cultural astrological stories for future generations and an opportunity for innovative employment through night sky tourism. You can read Niue’s story here.

Niue Dark Sky Stars

Ecotourism Australia’s Chief Executive Rod Hillman said he was thrilled that one of Ecotourism Australia’s applicant ECO Destinations had won this prestigious award.

“Becoming a successful ECO Destination is about sharing stories and experiences, Niue’s success shines light on the opportunity that exists for destinations beginning their ECO Destination journey”, he said.

Only destinations that are part of the 2020 Top 100 list were eligible for nomination to the Green Destinations Story Awards, in one of the following categories:

  • Communities and Culture
  • ITB Earth
  • Nature and Ecotourism
  • Islands and Seaside
  • Covid and Tourism
  • Green Destinations: People’s Choice

In selection for this award, Green Destinations assessed criteria such as: how innovative the approaches are; how effective they are to solve real problems in tourism sustainability; and to what extent they can be applied elsewhere.

Congratulations again to Niue Island who won the ‘Islands and Seaside’ category. As international borders re-open, visitors have the unique opportunity to share in the world’s first and best Dark Sky experience.


To find out more about the 2021 Green Destinations Story Awards and its winners, click here.

To find out more about Ecotourism Australia’s ECO Destination program, click here.

For questions and comments, please contact:

Alyssa Sanders, Programs Manager, Ecotourism Australia

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Ecotourism Australia (EA) is a not for profit, membership-based organisation inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. Internationally recognised through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, EA designs and delivers certification programs for tourism products and destinations, assuring travellers that these are backed by a strong commitment to sustainability and quality. For more information visit

Green Destinations Foundation is a non-profit organisation for sustainable destination development and recognition, based in the Netherlands.

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Congratulations to Providential Magic, for achieving ECO Certification at the Ecotourism level for their day sail tours to Whitehaven Beach, sunset tours and overnight sail charters. Providential Magic operates among the pristine 74 tropical islands of the Whitsundays in Queensland, Australia.

Providential Magic tours visit secluded bays and the iconic Whitehaven Beach. Hop on board the Providence V for a day sail tour and catch the breeze to Whitehaven and Hill Inlet. Dive into the water, grab a snorkel and see turtles swimming around the beautiful fringing coral. 

If your style is to be welcomed on board with a complimentary glass of bubbles, join the classic sunset tour, hoisting the sails on Providence V and sailing into the sunset.

Sail in style on the elegant 54ft yacht MiLady for 1, 2 or 3 nights, the ultimate chilled out charter catering for up to six guests.

Providential Magic 2

Photo: Providential Magic/ Facebook

Providential Magic is a local family business and their vision is to honour and protect the World Heritage UNESCO listed Great Barrier Reef. In order to minimise energy consumption and waste, Providential Magic harness wind energy wherever possible, do not sell bottled water onboard, lunches are provided in picnic boxes, and the ships are fitted with environmentally friendly toilets.

Providential Magic

Photo: Providential Magic/ Facebook

Owner of Providential Magic, Lindsay Simpson is the author of award-winning book Following its Dirty Footsteps: Adani a memoir on climate change documenting the effects on the reef. The book canvases the business commitment of lobbying against climate change.

Ecotourism Australia is very proud to have Providential Magic onboard. Congratulations once again for achieving ECO Certification at the Ecotourism level.

For more information, visit the Providential Magic webpage, or check them out on Facebook.

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