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Ecotourism Australia is delighted to welcome Off-Road Adventures to our growing community, as we congratulate them on their achievement of the Nature Tourism Certification for their range of nine adventure tours. This certification recognises Off-Road Adventures WA’s dedication to creating exciting tourism products in natural areas that leave minimal impacts on our environment.

Off-Road Adventures operates in Albany, a port city in Western Australia filled with waterways, lush beaches, and historical rugged coastline known for its tourism, natural environment, and preservation of heritage. Surrounded by spectacular coastline and turquoise seas, Off-Road Adventures WA is in the perfect environment to offer luxury off road adventures through which adventurers can take in the magnificent mountain ranges, towering ancient forests, rolling deserts, stunning wildflowers, and whale migrations. 

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If you have ever been deterred from going on a 4WD adventure for fear of getting stuck in a bog or getting lost in an unknown forest, fear no more on the Pemberton 4WD Tag-Along Adventure where you will spend 2 nights and 3 days in a bush camp experience like no other.  Guided by the capable and knowledgeable Off-Road Adventures WA hosts, this tour offers the perfect balance of exploring and learning with time to stop, relax and get those perfect insta snaps with the most stunning of views along beaches, river crossings and scenic forest drives. Perfect for friends, families and couples, this tour is an excellent introduction to four wheel driving, scaling the largest inland dune system in the Southern Hemisphere.

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For all our fishing and beach camping aficionados, Off Road Adventures WA offers the Bremer Bay to Fitzgerald National Park 2-night, 3-day tour.  This fun-filled trip treks along remote beaches and botanical wonderlands full of breathtaking views.  Take a break from your phone as you explore, fish, enjoy views and relax in the tour’s refreshing no rush schedule.  Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore sealed roads in one of the biggest and most botanically important national parks in Australia, assuring you some spectacular, once in a lifetime sights. 

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Having spent much time exploring Western Australia, Rick and Liz Muller, the owners and guides of Off-Road Adventures WA can not only share their magical spots but also their invaluable knowledge and understanding of the history and nature in the area.  They are also are conscious of using expert contacts to gain information on special heritage or significant aboriginal sites to ensure adventurers have the most complete experience possible whilst also respecting the areas and traditional owners of lands explored. 

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Off-Road Adventures WA are very conscious of the potential impact of 4-wheel drives and for this reason ensure that cars are only driven on designated tracks to cause minimal damage on eco-systems.   Another element that we may never even consider, is the importance of proper tire pressure to reduce damage to the land.  Off-Road Adventures WA also pride themselves in minimal impact-camping which includes elements such as choosing campsites and parking at least 100m from rivers or lakes and staying for short amounts of time especially when it comes to otherwise undisturbed sites.  

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As we can see, Off-Road Adventures WA have all the elements necessary for an exciting, ecologically conscious adventure in the wilderness of Albany and we welcome them with open arms to the Ecotourism Australia family!

To find out more about Off Road Adventures WA, visit their website or Facebook page. 


Tropical North Queensland is one of the most diversely beautiful and powerful Australian tourism stories. In 1978 the Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau was formed to focus on destination marketing and as a result tourism slowly overtook agriculture, forestry and mining as an economic driver for the community. Today, Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau Limited, trades as Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) and Business Events Cairns & Great Barrier Reef, with the vision of becoming one of the world’s most inspiring nature-based destinations.

Mountain biking Mission Beach

Image: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

TTNQ provides leadership and guidance to the Tropical North Queensland tourism industry and community stakeholders to maximise sustainable tourism growth for the economic and social benefit of all Tropical North Queenslanders.

 TTNQ aims to be a leader in destination management and champion of world’s best practice in sustainable tourism by building destination awareness in Australia and selected international markets through targeted marketing activities.

TTNQ Accom

Image: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

TTNQ’s marketing, communications and partnership strategies are prioritised as they explore new digital and content opportunities that are changing the way leisure and business markets consume tourism products.

Their goal is to initiate high-level conversations with major airlines, tourism bodies, journalists, influencers, trade and online search engines to drive visitors to the region.

TTNQ Mission Beach

Photo: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

TTNQ has ambitious goals that are achieved by working closely to their 2020-2021 Strategic Direction.

TTNQ are proud to market the region to the world through stories founded around reef, rainforest, Indigenous, outback, lifestyle and adventure. If you are interested in working together with TTNQ they can help you unlock the story of The Tropics and build tourism success.

EA are happy to welcome Tourism Tropical North Queensland to our Ecotourism Australia family as a Business Member.

For more information, visit the Tourism Tropical North Queensland webpage or check them out on Facebook & Instagram       



Ecotourism Australia congratulates Tracks 4×4 Tagalong for achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their 4×4 tagalong tours. Some of the amazing destinations that Tracks 4×4 Tagalong can take you to are, The Simpson Desert, Cape York, The Canning Stock Route, The Gulf, The Darling River Run. To see what they are up to visit their website

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Photo: Tracks 4×4 Tagalong

The Oakhampton Heights based operator is a newly operational business led by Adam Smith and his wife Lynda. Tracks 4×4 Tagalong is a small family run operation in which Adam organises and runs the day to day functions of the business and Lynda takes care of the operation in the office.

The business offers adventures that can be experienced in a safe and professional atmosphere. Guests participate in an off-road tagalong trip that is developed with extensive knowledge of four-wheel driving. During the tour, the group will stop for walks along formed tracks only and during the drive, vehicles will avoid passing through sensitive areas such as alpine grasslands, dunes, salt pans, steep hillsides and new forests.

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Photo: Cape York Tagalong Tour / Facebook

Tracks 4×4 Tagalong offers overnight trips, with accommodation offered within the itinerary and the majority of those being camping based.

The tagalong 4×4 touring business is committed to working with local landholders to gain the full history of the location they are travelling through. These landholders may be the indigenous custodians, station owners or national park officers.

Tracks 4×4 Tagalong aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible and commits to only purchasing from environmentally responsible vendors. Where possible, supplies are bought locally, and local shops are supported during the tours. Vehicles are also serviced regularly. Adam and Lynda are passionate about running a sustainable business and strive for continuous improvement.

Congratulations to Tracks 4×4 Tagalong for joining the EA family! To learn more, visit their Facebook page or website.


Congratulations to Wild Adventures Melbourne, or WAM, for entering Ecotourism Australia’s family with both the Advanced Ecotourism and the Climate Action Business certifications!

Whether you live in Melbourne and are wanting to experience the nature around you, or are visiting and would like to explore beyond the city, WAM has you covered.


Photo: Sunrise Tour

Visit a selection of beautiful parks including Westerfolds Park, Candlebark Park, Warrandyte Park, and Plenty Gorge with two different eco adventure tours to choose from, the Sunrise wildlife adventure and the Ultimate Mornington Peninsula Adventure. You are ensured to enjoy an eco adventure filled with stunning views and native wildlife sightings, local food, and a good dose of stand-up paddleboarding.

Depending on the tour you choose, you will get to enjoy different activities like bush walking, mountain biking, a bath in the Peninsula Hot Springs or a delicious picnic at a local organic winery.


Photo: Hot Springs Ultimate Mornington Peninsula Adventure

Besides these great eco experiences, the WAM guys work hard to give back to the community and leave the places they visit even cleaner than they found them. Customers are provided with zero waste packs of reusable products, and portable bins are carried on to collect any litter seen in natural settings. Even though the activities they carry out have a very low impact in the environment, WAM donates to inspirational Australian charities and not for profits that support the protection and conservation of our lands, waters, and seas (including wildlife and marine life).

WAM is a member of 1% For the Planet, they offset their carbon emissions, and their adventures aim for sub-zero waste by using reusable products.

Their eco practices seek to inspire others in the industry to make positive change and a difference, as well as to encourage their customers to make lifestyle changes by demonstrating with their products how this can be done.


Photo: Kookaburra

Congratulations once again to Wild Adventures Melbourne for achieving Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certifications and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

For more information about WAM visit their website, or their Instagram page.


Tree Hugger Travel is an ethical, independent tour and travel agency offering nature-based tours Australia-wide. Working with a network of Ecotourism certified tour operators and local family businesses, Tree Hugger Travel offers high quality tours and personalised itineraries for Australian travellers and international visitors.

Tours and Experiences

Tree Hugger Travel offers a range of eco-tours and nature experiences from the Great Barrier Reef to the Daintree Rainforest and stunning islands such as the Whitsundays, Lady Elliot and Fraser Island. For real nature enthusiasts Tree Hugger Travel offers expert birdwatching tours, nocturnal wildlife spotting and scuba diving expeditions. All tours and experiences are carefully selected by the Tree Hugger team, having experienced the tours themselves.

EA News Letter Image 2Image: Passions of Paradise | Cairns Eco Reef Cruise

Give Back While You Travel

As well as creating unforgettable experiences this ethical family business was set up to give back to nature. Customers earn Eco Rewards with every dollar they spend that helps protect some of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Tree Hugger Travel supports the ​World Land Trust’s​ “Buy-an-Acre” programme and funds the purchase of 1,000sqm of endangered wildlife habitat every time customers earn 1,000 Eco Reward Points.

EA News Letter Image 3Image: | World Land Trust Buy-an-Acre appeal & Eco-Rewards

Family Business

Tree Hugger Travel is owned and operated by two passionate travellers, John Whelan and Tina Satchell. The business was founded by John in 2016 after many years travelling and working within the tourism industry. He wanted to start something new, that came from the heart and gave back to the environment. “I started Tree Hugger Travel to be a business for good, to meaningfully give back to nature, and most importantly, to give travellers exactly what they deserve; honesty and epic adventures”, he said. 

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Image: Undara Experience Sunset Tour, FNQ | John Whelan and Tina Satchell


To learn more, visit Tree Hugger Travel’s website, Facebook or Instagram.


February 2nd is World Wetlands Day, and what’s more, World Wetlands Day 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Treaty to protect significant wetland sites!

A wetland is an area of land where water covers the soil – even for only part of the year. They can be natural or artificial. The water in them can be still or flowing, fresh, salty or in-between (brackish). Wetlands are found in all kinds of places – along the coast, in the mountains, in dry inland areas, even underground. Many of them are connected by rivers.

With wetlands globally under increasing pressure from development, climate change and other threats, it’s more important than ever to recognise the value of these unique ecosystems, big and small. 

Wetland biodiversity contributes to ecosystem resilience, clean water, water supply, storm protection, carbon storage, health and well-being, recreation, tourism and jobs.

Ecotourism Australia (EA) have many members and certified tourism operators who incorporate wetlands into their tourism products in a sustainable way. Offering responsible and respectful wetland tourism experiences can have a positive impact on experiential learning and awareness for wetland biodiversity, natural processes, protection and regeneration.

Rich with abundance, wetlands are some of the best places to spot wildlife or go birdwatching. Advanced Ecotourism ECO certified Araucaria Ecotours operate from the Brisbane Region, QLD to deliver zoologist and naturalist led wildlife tours. Their Birdwatching day tour is tailored to their guests, visiting either Eagleby Wetlands or Lake Wivenhoe. You are guaranteed to see a variety of waterbirds with stops at forested areas for the occasional bush bird siting.

Araucaria Ecotours Spoonbill

Image: Araucaria Ecotours / Facebook

Ecotourism ECO certified, Hall of Fame operator Kingfisher Cruises, from the Murray Region, Victoria offers tours in the World-Heritage listed Barmah Wetlands. Hear fascinating commentary from a certified ECO guide about the hundreds of species of water birds, animals and native fish that have made the Barmah wetlands and forest their home.

Kingfisher Tours

Image: Kingfisher Tours / Facebook

Advanced Ecotourism ECO certified Cruise Maroochy Ecotours, from the Sunshine Coast, QLD offers eco cruises to the Maroochy wetlands sanctuary, showcasing awe inspiring displays of healthy and extensive mangrove forests. Cruise Maroochy respect the natural balance of the local estuarine system. Their Creek to Coast cruise exposes this balance and the damaging influence of local development and agriculture. This cruise is taken only during high tides to minimise the impact on the seabed.

Cruise Maroochy

Image: Cruise Maroochy/ Instagram

South to Tasmania, 41 Degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm run a sustainable inland farm and tourist attraction near Launceston. When taking a tour around 41 Degrees South, visitors can explore the elevated boardwalks over the wetlands and experience farming in a natural setting. Salmon are grown in fresh waters, which flow, gravity fed, into the salmon tanks and through natural and man-made wetlands. There is always something to see as changing seasons bring different birds and wetland wildlife, giving them a habitat to feed, breed, nest and rest.

41 Degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm

Image: 41 Degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm / Facebook

Join an ECO certified tourism operator on a tour to learn more about our wonderful wetlands.

Celebrate World Wetlands Day on social media by including the hashtags #WorldWetlandsDay and #RespectRamsar

[Banner Image: Barmah National Park / Visit Melbourne]