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Experts in curating tours that explore all corners of Australia, Fun Over 50 continue to innovate off the back of a year coloured with recognition for their ongoing efforts in the tourism industry. Winning gold in both the Cultural Tourism and the Judges Award for Innovation and Resilience categories at the 2021 Queensland Tourism Awards, the team are known for making strides towards upholding ecotourism values that have earned them multiple certifications with Ecotourism Australia.

In fact, Fun Over 50 currently hold the most products certified by Ecotourism Australia with over 150 of their tours and experiences certified.

Tourists joke around with the tour guide as they plant bush tucker.

Fun Over 50’s specialty in creating outstanding nature experiences shines through their latest exploration of Queensland’s outback, providing travellers a taste of Yiningai Country in Barcaldine. The Green Getaway Bush Tucker Food Garden tour from Brisbane to Barcaldine brings guests by coach to the newly opened Desert Dreaming Centre, owned by local Yiningai woman Cheryl Thompson. 

Together with the Desert Dreaming Centre, Fun Over 50 have initiated a bush tucker tree planting for travellers, with plans to bring more guests to the Centre and expand the garden with each tour group that rolls through. This native Australian garden is a sustainable solution for the Centre’s Aboriginal cultural experiences, teaching guests about bush tucker and providing a source for education for years to come.

Guests to the Green Getaway Bush Tucker Food Garden leave with a sense of accomplishment, as well as a deeper understanding of Barcaldine’s Traditional Custodians, the Yiningai people. 

“The tour aims to give a mix of touring and education, while also providing labour and expenditure in a place to make it better than before we arrived,” said Fun Over 50 CEO Toni Brennan.

Guests crouch at the garden with huge smiles to plant their next tucker tree

Fun Over 50’s mission to leave no trace on their eco-tour doesn’t stop at purchasing all bush tucker trees to be planted and used by the Desert Dreaming Centre – their careful consideration of carbon emissions means that 100% of their emissions are offset through Greenfleet, bringing them closer to their carbon-neutral goal.

Greenfleet calculates the average emissions of vehicles annually, letting companies purchase offsets which means that enough native trees will be planted to capture the carbon emitted.

Initiatives like these have earned Fun Over 50 Climate Action Leader Certification with Ecotourism Australia and is just one of the ways the company shows leadership in responsible tourism.

This November, Fun Over 50 is celebrating its momentous 20th birthday with no signs of stopping soon. Keep up to date as they continue to set the bar higher for immersive cultural experiences and ecotourism in Australia on Facebook and Instagram.

Fun Over Fifty logo adorned in golden stars


All images courtesy of Fun Over 50.