World Tourism Day 2020

Celebrated on 27 September with the theme of “Tourism and Rural Development”, this year’s international day of observation comes at a critical moment, as countries around the world look to tourism to drive recovery, including in rural communities where the sector is a leading employer and economic pillar. The 2020 edition also comes as governments […]


E-Risk360 are an advisory and training consultancy, providing tailored services that assist organisations manage their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) obligations. E-Risk360 do this because they believe the principles of GRC are an enabler for business growth, innovation, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship.

With over 20 years of experience, E-Risk360 was born from the realisation that business risks can be managed proactively with the use of better data, information and management systems.

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Photo: E-Risk360

The team at E-Risk360 have a simple mission, to help companies manage risk and improve business outcomes. Their experienced and professional staff can help with a wide range of services involving the provision of advice, developing of integrated management systems in Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) risks, and conducting specialist training across the following areas:

  • Understanding legal and compliance obligations relating to HSEQ risks
  • Internal audits and gap assessments against relevant standards (i.e. ISO management systems), assisting organisations towards achieving external certification
  • Risk assessments and developing risk controls & mitigation strategies
  • Developing and implementing integrated management systems around Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality objectives
  • Business Continuity & Recovery Planning
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Photo: E-Risk360

E-Risk360 are currently offering a remote podcasting opportunity, to showcase environmental sustainability initiatives and innovations within your business. This will provide listeners, learners and future leaders with the knowledge to change the world.  If you are interested, please email them at: [email protected] 


For more information, download their brochure, visit the E-Risk360 website or follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.   

Refer to the E-Risk360 podcast series on SoundCloud here



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Our newest business member Fastrack is hosting a special webinar on Wednesday, 30 September, 11:00am AEST, supported by Ecotourism Australia around rebound business strategy and business beyond COVID-19.
With more and more travel restrictions lifting across Australia, thousands of travellers are booking right now across every sector of the industry.  Many are looking for an eco-based experience.  Are you experiencing a surge in bookings? If not, then register now for this highly interactive, FREE members webinar hosted by Adrian Caruso from Fastrack, one of the industry’s leaders in digital ‘Rebound Strategy’.
Learn where you need to be right now, whether you’re open, closed or looking for new business. In this webinar you will learn how to create the perfect rebound plan to get cut-through (it’s as competitive as ever!) and immediate bookings.
Register now and learn:

  • Travellers are emerging in their thousands. Is your business front of mind?
  • What does the future hold for travel?
  • Advertising do’s and don’ts. What to do now for instant bookings
  • Turn your rebound plan into a marketing plan and bookings
  • Getting the best from your internal teams
  • How to catch up if you’ve fallen behind
  • Great rebound marketing campaign examples
  • Get your most pressing questions answered




Founded over 17 years ago in Brisbane by Adrian Caruso, Fastrack started off helping businesses in the travel and tourism industry generate more direct bookings.

Fastrack Digital has branched out to many of the APAC markets to work with a wide range of operators in the hotel, tourism and lifestyle industries. From a fully outsourced approach to upskilling their client’s internal teams, Fastrack Digital customise the strategy best suited to their client’s business, employing experts to guide success. Ethical, innovative and profitable projects with collaboration is at the heart of everything they do.
Fastrack Digital devote themselves to getting to know each client, their organisation and their audiences, crafting customised solutions to address their challenges.


To view the webinar recording, click here

For more information, visit Fastrack’s website, Facebook or LinkedIn