You don’t just book The Frames for somewhere to lay your head, you book for the experience. Upon the peaceful banks of the Murray River in South Australia, you will find The Frames; a completely unique luxury accommodation experience. Often described as the perfect escape, The Frames offers beautiful architecture accompanied by an array of experiences; from flavour safaris to distillery visits, gondola cruises, massages and walking tours. The Frames has recently been recognised for their exceptional service within the industry and entered the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame for Self-Contained Accommodation. This is an incredible achievement for a business with such humble roots.

Cathy and Rick 

Going back to where it all began, The Frames is the vision and cultivation of Cathy and Rick Edmonds. The pair simply set out to create a luxury lodge style of accommodation that would highlight and embrace the beauty of the Murray River. Being descendants of three generations of families in the Riverland, the Murray River is a place they love so deeply. When asked what the early day of The Frames was like, we got one answer…tough! Bringing such a grand vision to fruition proved difficult. However, setbacks, hidden issues and all the usual roadblocks made their resolve even stronger and still powers the exceptional product they deliver.

The pair’s passion project soon became the established world class luxury lodge it is recognised as today, and it is Cathy and Rick’s commitment to providing guests with a second to none experience and always asking questions about how to make The Frames more efficient and adaptive to market trends that sees success for this business. The couple often seeks advice from experts about how to do things better, proving their trust in others’ expertise. They are never afraid to ask the big questions, particularly about caring for the environment and how they impact on it. With roots so deep in the region, the humble duo give all the credit to their team and those who have assisted them along their journey.

Capture pool Frames

When asked about the Hall of Fame achievement, owners Cathy and Rick say:

‘Winning this award means we are doing something right. It is a reward for all of the hard work the team at The Frames has put in and continues to put in to create an experience for our guests that is second-to-none’

When you visit a place that is so tranquil and beautiful, it is often easy to forget the efforts and struggles it would have taken to get the product to where it is today. Cathy and Rick say the three biggest lessons learnt over the years include the need to continue the fight, never losing sight of the goal and where possible, taking a step back and looking at what you’ve achieved with pride.

The Frames Accomodation

The Frames have held ECO Certification for close to a decade, proving their commitment to the environment and the local area. They are able to present the Riverland in such a unique way that they highlight its important natural and economic value to their guests. We are so proud of this team and thrilled to have had them as a part of our family for so long. Congratulations, The Frames, on such a highly acclaimed award and keep up the amazing commitment!

For more information about The Frames, visit their website.