Have you ever wanted to make a difference but not known where to start? You’re not alone. Thankfully, making a change through your everyday consumption, to reduce your impact and help the environment, is easier than you think. To give you some inspiration, we’ve created this quick A-Z reference guide on simple swaps that you can easily make in your everyday life. We’d love to hear if you’ve tried any!


A – Aluminium foil for silicone baking mats

B – Body wash for a bar of soap. Often, these come package free!

Photo by Good Soul Shop on Unsplash

Photo by Good Soul Shop on Unsplash

C – (Takeaway) coffee cups for bringing your own mug or keep cup. Mason jars or insulated water bottles work well, too!

D – Diapers for cloth nappies

E – Electronics being on at the wall for 24 hours for electronics being switched off at the wall when you’re not using them

F – Food packaging for bulk foods. If you don’t live near a bulk foods store, purchasing (unpackaged) fresh fruit and veggies at your local market can also help you cut down on packaging.

G – Buying new gifts for considering regifting items that don’t suit you, and instead of buying gift wrap, try wrapping gifts using things you already have, like tote bags, scarves or newspapers.

H – Plastic hairbrushes or combs for wooden hairbrushes or combes

I – Paying too much for energy for insulating your home better

J – Buying jars to store food and other items for recycling jars you already have.

K – Your K-Cup coffee maker for a French press.

L – Your old lightbulbs for energy efficient bulbs and turn them off when you’re not using them

M – Conventional makeup for zero waste makeup. Here some recommendations.   

N – Chemical cleaning products for natural ones: make them or buy them, your choice.

O – Buying more for organising more – take inventory of what you already have and use it up before buying more.

Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash

Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash

P – Swap paper plates and plastic cutlery for real plates and real flatware next time you have a picnic

Q – Wondering about your carbon footprint for quantifying your carbon footprint. Here is an easy way to do it.

R – Plastic bottles for reusable ones

S – Single-use tea bags for tea strainers

T – Plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones

U – Using everything once for reusing things that have served their original purpose. Here are some great ideas!

V – Meat for more veggies! Here are some ideas.

W – Throwaway plastic dish clothes for washable fabric ones

eat me first box from inhabitat.com

eat me first box from inhabitat.com

X – Food waste for checking eXpiry dates. Pay attention to them and put perishable fridge items in a triage box in your fridge.

Y – Plastic yoga mats for bamboo, hemp, jute, or natural rubber mats

Z – to a Zero Waste Lifestyle, make the change!