This week we are exited to welcome Southern Fire Wellness to the Ecotourism Australia family. Achieving Ecotourism Certification on their Cape to Cape Healing tours, Southern Fire Wellness is a tour operator offering a unique and valuable experience.

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Unlike traditional treks along the Cape to Cape track, this trek is designed specifically for those suffering from depression, disconnection, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or anger issues.

Through his own struggles and experiences, owner and head guide Daniel Kozyriski has developed these tours to share his healing journey and help others in their struggles.  Southern Fire Wellness is centred on healing by discovering your connection to the land, overcoming the challenges of the trek, and engaging in spiritual exercises and meditations.

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Working closely with the Wadandi peoples, the traditional land owners of the Wadandi Boodja (Saltwater People’s Country) which makes up the area that encompasses the Cape to Cape trek, Southern Fire Wellness has a heavy focus on respecting and embracing traditional Indigenous cultural values and practices in the healing process. Additionally, Southern Fire Wellness extend their commitment to sustainability by encouraging visitors to use in planning their trip to assist in keeping the experience carbon neutral.

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Participants on the trek have the option of several programs that vary in length of the trek, depending on the individual needs of participants. Southern Fire Wellness has options for guided day treks, overnight camps and can cater to those seeking a challenge with the complete Cape to Cape walk with partially guided and self-guided sections.

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We would like to congratulate Southern Fire Wellness on continuing to develop their dedication to sustainability, by achieved Ecotourism Certification on their tours.


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Waste management is always a high priority for ecotourism operators and sewerage management, especially in remote and/or sensitive sites, can present special challenges. Grant Webster established VIROtech in 1987 to bring practical and environmentally sensible products into the mainstream with a focus on waterless toilet technology. He is now recognised as Australia’s foremost authority on waterless compost toilets.


This amenity was installed for Communities NSW at their Berry Sport & Recreation ground. Clivus Multrum waterless compost toilet systems were the obvious choice for an amenity with no power or water available at a site close to a water course.

VIROtech have four brands and 19 models in their range, but Grant has a particular passion for their flagship product, the Clivus Multrum (CM) range of compost toilet systems. “The CM units are still built according to the original Swedish design – beautifully simple and inherently reliable. In 30 odd years, I’ve never had a single complaint about a CM unit. They’re bulletproof.” With clients ranging from householders to government departments and agencies including Communities NSW, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, the Australian Defence Force and local governments, Grant is well qualified to offer experienced and reliable advice. Clivus Multrum systems are fully accredited with environmental and health authorities in every state and territory in Australia.

Biloela Bush Camp 02Biloela Bush Camp 01    

A free standing facility with a CM unit installed by the Outdoor Education Group at their Biloela Bush Camp near Bowral, NSW.

Maintenance involves adding carbon rich material (wood shavings) periodically and checking the fan and drain – a 10 minute job. There are no containers to move or store and running costs are estimated at $1.50/mth for the 12V fan. The fan is the only moving part and the chamber is all plastic and stainless steel, so these systems simply don’t break down. They utilise natural aerobic bacteria to reduce waste to around 5% of the original volume in an odour free process to produce a small amount of pathogen-free humus which is easily and safely disposed of on-site. The ventilation system evacuates all ‘human’ odours so the room smells like air, or the bush outside.

Krawaree House crop

Modern facilities require a modern, sustainable solution.

If accommodation is part of your business, these waterless compost toilets not only offer significant water savings, they eliminate discharge to the environment apart from a small amount of humus. Eliminating ‘black water’ from your on-site sewerage management system also makes life much simpler (and less expensive) with the remaining  greywater easily disposed of in a simple (inexpensive) sub-surface irrigation system*.  If you need toilet facilities for clients at remote and/or sensitive sites, CM units don’t require power or water and can be sited close to watercourses.

For more information on these incredibly simple and sensible systems visit

*Council approval is required prior to installation of any on-site sewerage management system.